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Sales Ad Saturday- Cadillacs at The Racquet Club, Palm Springs

Another frequent haunt for stars of the past is featured in this week's 'Sales Ad Saturday'. This ad was photographed at The Racquet Club of Palm Springs, which was founded by actors Ralph Bellamy and Charles Farrell in 1934. The tennis enthusiasts were tired of waiting for court time at the nearby ElMirador Hotel and decided to do something about it. For decades, the private club was a destination for many notable Hollywood A-listers. Many of the earliest professional photographs taken of Marilyn Monroe were shot at the club when she was still known as Norma Jeane Mortenson. The club remained a popular destination for the stars until slowly falling out of favor with Hollywood royalty in the 1970's, remaining operational until finally closing in 2003. Attempts at redevelopment of the club were ended when a fire destroyed the dilapidated complex in 2014. The second photo is a better shot of the pool where the ad was photographed, and obviously, Cadillac's weren't routinely parked poolside!


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