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Learn about the different types of inspection tools we use to bring you as close to the vehicle you are considering as possible. 


We bring four different cameras along for each inspection, just to ensure our clients get the images they need!

Camaro Inspecton

Our video camera is always riding shotgun for test drives, which allows you to see and hear the vehicle as it's driving down the road. It also enables us to talk about any unusual characteristics the vehicle may be exhibiting on the test drive.

Video Camera

For exceptional image accuracy and quality, primary photography of inspected vehicles is shot with a Canon Rebel T6S DSLR. We also bring a Nikon CoolPix S3700 for close up photography where the larger camera won't fit, great for a cramped engine bay, wiring under the dash, and the deepest recesses of trunks. 

Borescope Camera

Our borescope camera has almost unlimited uses. With this camera, we can read casting numbers and stampings in hard to reach areas. We also can use it to examine frame rails, inner body panels, and even birdcages on old Corvettes. This camera will record photo and video, so you can see what we see.


Fishing for the numbers... Finding and photographing the hidden firewall VIN stamping on this very rare six-figure Trans-Am as part of a complete vehicle authentication. 


To understand the condition of the paint, and what may be hidden beneath it, we use a calibrated paint thickness tester to measure finish thickness. Very useful for determining if any paintwork has been done previously. We also test all steel bodywork for magnetic adhesion with a variety of magnets. If any filler is found, we show you where it is, on video!

Digital Paint Meter


Sometimes, we are asked to authenticate and document the originality of components like engines, transmissions and other secondary components. This authentication is often done with stamping or casting codes on these components. Sometimes buried under decades of grease and sludge, we work to bring these numbers to light for you. Usually with our cameras, we can photograph these numbers, even in very hard to reach areas. When we can't, we clay! Using clay, we can make a mold of the stamping or castings and photograph the mold for you. When you need to know, count on us to get the information you need!

Numbers Matching Service

As a part of the authentication process, ensuring the correct block casting code on this 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda.

After a good scrubbing, a casting number appears for authentication on this 401 Nailhead Buick.

Numbers Matching Service


While we always prefer access to a post hoist, the fact is that these are not always readily available. If access to a hoist is not possible, we're prepared! We bring along all the equipment necessary to lift the car and get the suspension unloaded to facilitate a full chassis inspection. We are one of only a few mobile pre-purchase inspection companies willing to offer this service to make sure you get a good look from top to bottom.  

MGA lifted.JPG


We bring a variety of other tools to each inspection, including jacks, jack-stands and wheel ramps (used with owner's permission), infrared thermometers, multimeters, coolant condition testers, tire gauges, and basic hand tools. We never disassemble anything on a vehicle without owner's consent.

We are also able to provide engine compression and mechanical oil pressure tests when necessary. While not always necessary, there are situations where these tests can provide additional piece of mind on a potential purchase. Additional charges apply, please contact us for details.  

Coolant Testing
Tire Tread Depth
Mechanical Oil Pressure Testing
Engine Compression Testing
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