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Please take a few minutes and check out our FAQ's below. Michigan Automotive Inspection Services saves our clients time and money by offering comprehensive, professional vehicle appraisals and pre-purchase inspections. Our appraisal services are useful for clients seeking an independent professional valuation of their vehicle, often for a variety of reasons. Our pre-purchase vehicle inspections can find flaws and issues with a vehicle you are considering purchasing, and that can help you negotiate a better price for the vehicle or help you avoid purchasing a vehicle that does not meet your expectations.

Tell me about Michigan Automotive Inspection Services...


MAIS is a fully mobile automotive appraisal and pre-purchase inspection service. Headquartered in Kalamazoo Michigan, we are situated halfway between Detroit and Chicago, and we generally provide services in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. We are always willing to travel outside our normal service region when necessary. 

The fact that we are an independently owned and operated firm provides our clients with a unique advantage. Our company does not dispatch independent contractors to perform appraisals or inspections. The owner personally inspects each vehicle for our clients. We are the only independent mobile inspection service in Southwest Michigan, and we pride ourselves on providing the best appraisals and inspections the industry can offer.


“National” vehicle inspection networks dispatch independent sub-contractors to inspect vehicles all across the country, and as a result, these inspections are often inconsistent, based on the skills, experience, and abilities of each inspector. Often, their customers are unable to speak with the actual inspector that performed the inspection, and that can lead to unanswered questions and disappointment once your vehicle is delivered. With a MAIS pre-purchase inspection or appraisal, the owner is with you every step of the process.


We serve both local clients seeking a professional evaluation on a pre-owned vehicle they are considering purchasing, and we also serve national and international clients who are unable to travel to our region to personally inspect a vehicle themselves. Our inspections help ensure that the right questions are being asked and answered to our clients satisfaction to ensure their new purchase meets their expectations.


To learn more about our pre-purchase inspection service, click HERE.


To learn more about our classic car appraisal service, click HERE 



What type of items will you inspect?


We put each inspected vehicle through a comprehensive mechanical and cosmetic inspection process. We inspect for previous repaired accident or flood damage, wear and tear, rust or corrosion issues, functionality of all accessories, health of the drivetrain, and test drive the vehicle. Please call us to learn more, we would be happy to explain what sets our inspections apart and send you a sample report which will clearly outline what you can expect to be inspected. 




As a MAIS client, what can I expect to receive?


Our goal is to bring an interested buyer as close as possible to a vehicle they are considering, without the need to get on a plane and see the car for yourself. We work diligently to enable our clients to buy confidently, with clear understanding of their new potential investment. To achieve this, our pre-purchase inspection clients will receive the following:

  • Phone or in-person consultation about the vehicle, with a review of the ad, and any ad photos.

  • Identification of any special concerns you may have about the vehicle. We are always happy to custom tailor our inspections to ensure our clients needs are met. 

  • A 250 point inspection process summarized in a 11 page report outlining all points inspected, with essay narratives describing any areas of concern identified during the inspection process. 

  • A minimum of 200 clear, detailed photos of the entire vehicle. Not glamour shots; we point the camera in all the places you would look under if you were looking at the car yourself! We also provide in-depth video tours of the exterior, interior, trunk, chassis, engine area, as well as a cold-start and check of all options and accessories, so you can see for yourself what works and what does not.  

  • If the seller chooses to accommodate, the vehicle lifted and the underbody thoroughly inspected, with clear, detailed photos and video outlining areas of concern related to the floor pans, frame, frame mounts, steering and suspension components, bushings and fluid leaks. 

    • Please note, even if the vehicle cannot be lifted, we will perform the most comprehensive inspection of the underbody possible. We will get as far under the car as physically possible on all sides and provide photographs of all areas of concern. With our equipment, we are able to photograph areas of the underbody we are unable to physically get to. We are one of only a few inspection firms that brings all the necessary equipment to safely lift a vehicle on-site to every inspection where no lift is available to provide us proper access to the underbody. Of course, the owner's permission is required before we will lift their vehicle.

  • If the seller chooses to accommodate, and the vehicle is insured, a test drive of the vehicle with video, and a detailed essay narrative of the results of a comprehensive test drive.

  • If the seller chooses to accommodate, we will review any and all paperwork associated with the car, including all service records, documents and confirmation the title and VIN match.

  • After you have had an opportunity to review the report and photographs, a closing phone or in-person consultation to address any other questions or concerns.  

Do you offer engine compression testing or other services?


Yes! We are one of very few mobile inspection services that offer both engine compression testing services and mechanical engine oil pressure testing services for most makes and models. While not always necessary, there are instances when these tools can provide added piece of mind, and help answer questions about the health of the engine. Additional charges apply, please contact us for a quote. 

How much do you charge for an appraisal or inspection?


For an accurate quote for services, please CONTACT US. We welcome the opportunity to email you a no-obligation sample of our work to compare what we do to other mobile pre-purchase inspection services. 

What are your payment and cancellation policies?


  • MAIS accepts Cash, PayPal, Check, or Money Order. First time customers must pay in advance of service.       In the event a vehicle is sold before it can be inspected, MAIS will provide a full refund. 

  • We appreciate timely notification if the need to cancel an inspection appointment arises. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

    • If the appointment is cancelled and not rescheduled and we have departed to perform the inspection, we charge a $50 cancellation fee, plus any applicable mileage charges in excess of 25 miles traveled. 

    • There are no cancellation fees if the appointment is cancelled before we have departed to complete the inspection. 

How long will it take to receive my vehicle inspection report?


We understand that when purchasing a vehicle it is important to inspect the car quickly before another buyer purchases the vehicle you are considering. MAIS provides a very fast turnaround time, in most cases we can be available to perform an inspection within 24-48 hours of contracting our service. Inspection reports are made available to our clients within 24 hours of the inspection.  

Will you travel outside your normal service area to inspect or appraise a vehicle?


Yes. We are willing to travel wherever a vehicle is located if necessary for our clients. Contact us for details.  

I am purchasing a car from a reputable used car dealer. Why do I need an inspection?


Car dealers acquire their vehicles from several sources including trade-ins, auctions, and consignments. While there are many used car dealers who have earned a reputation of selling quality vehicles, even the most reputable dealer occasionally acquires a vehicle that may have issues that could impact your decision to purchase or the purchase price. Seldom will a dealer be aware of the history of a vehicle in their inventory or have any maintenance or repair documentation associated with the vehicle. MAIS believes that each vehicle a dealer sells should stand on its own attributes, and that your decision to purchase should be based on the attributes of the vehicle considered, and in most cases not the reputation of the dealer selling it.    

Why can't I just buy a CarFax report? Isn't that enough?


CarFax is a vehicle history report with information sourced through a database that will reveal how many registered owners a vehicle (manufactured after 1981) has had, reported accidents or flood issues, odometers issues, and other information pertaining to the history of the vehicle. MAIS recommends obtaining a vehicle history report as it can be useful in piecing together the history of a vehicle. However, a vehicle history report does not speak to the current condition of the vehicle, and it cannot be relied upon 100% as vehicle history reports often include errors, including accident or flood damage that is not reported. This is why a vehicle inspection that professionally assesses the current condition of the vehicle is so important. 

Give us a call to discuss your next potential vehicle purchase!


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