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Michigan Express Automotive Inspections is a late-model mechanical pre-purchase inspection service. This service is best suited for clients local to the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Michigan areas who have already viewed the vehicle they are considering. This service is a great time and hassle saving alternative to arranging for a shop to inspect the vehicle! Our mobile pre-purchase inspection service provides buyers with additional piece of mind when purchasing a used car. These inspections focus on the mechanical aspects of the vehicle, with less detail on minor cosmetic issues and mild wear and tear commonly found with late model used cars.
Here's How It Works!
This mobile pre-purchase vehicle inspection covers the following:
  • A comprehensive check for any evidence of previous accident, collision, or flood damage. 
  • A physical chassis inspection including fluid leaks, suspension and steering linkages, shocks, ball joints, u-joints or CV boots, exhaust system and other chassis components. We bring along all equipment necessary to lift the vehicle to examine these components even if no hoist is available.
  • A check of operation of all accessories, infotainment, power features and lights. 
  • A scan of the vehicle's computer for any current or stored DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). 
  • Tire wear and tread depth remaining.
  • A condition check of all vehicle fluids, belts and hoses.
  • A battery test.
Here's What It Costs:
  • Standard Express Inspection is $325, with the first 25 miles of travel to the vehicle complementary. Additional travel over 25 miles is $.75/mile.
Here's Why It's Awesome!
  • This service is FULLY MOBILE! We travel to where the vehicle is located, anywhere in Southwest Michigan, from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo, from Battle Creek to South Haven, and places in between!
  • We travel to the vehicle; there is no need to schedule a time with a garage and coordinate transportation of the vehicle to be inspected. Sellers like this service because the car stays on their premises.
  • Purchasing a used car can sometimes be stressful. Having a complete pre-purchase inspection from an independent third-party before buying offers piece of mind, and helps you avoid unexpected surprises with your potential purchase. In other cases, our pre-purchase inspections help our clients avoid the wrong car all together.
  • Report turn around time is 24 hours or less, enabling our clients to quickly come to a decision about purchasing the vehicle.  
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