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I hired John to conduct a PPI on a 1978 Porsche 911. John's report was the most comprehensive I've seen. The report alone would have exceeded my expectations. However, in addition, John sent multiple videos of the car. John also conducted a 25-minute test drive.

I highly recommend John for any PPI that you may need.

B. Shelby- 1978 Porsche 911SC

Fife, WA

Where do I start? Everything from the Initial phone call to the end result not only exceeded expectations but was the best inspection we have ever had done. The amount of detail and the quality of the work he puts in is unparalleled....30 some odd minutes, over 7 different video's and over 250 pics going over every inch of the car. His price was a little higher than the competition but it was worth every penny and probably a lot more. Its the inspection that can help when negotiating price, not only that but you know exactly what you are getting.....A+ 10 out of 10, 5 Stars!!!!

Blacklist Motors- 1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air

Antioch, CA

Put simply – without Mr. Hansen I would not now be the proud owner of the car of my dreams. He made everything possible – and with friendly, professional ease. One very important factor was his ability to understand the type of car I was seeking and help me to sift and sort the dozens of contenders I found on all the various websites without charging me to physically inspect them all!


Mr. Hansen’s ability to spot tiny condition tell-tales from photographs is almost magical – he can detect the smell of a lemon or the perfume of a peach! His encyclopaedic knowledge inspires awe and even when he looked at some really rare exotica for me he zoned in on the model’s weaknesses like a one-marque Maestro.


Mr. Hansen saved me from making very expensive bad decisions on several occasions, and showed a diplomat’s tact when he knew I’d fallen in love with a lemon. ‘I just couldn’t allow you the disappointment I knew you would experience when that car arrived with you in England’ he said on one occasion, actually apologising for billing me when I didn’t proceed. In fact the modest investment in Mr. Hansen’s time and expertise that day saved me almost $100,000!  


There were times when I felt I might be abusing Mr. Hansen’s good nature, as I constantly changed from one car to another, but at no time did he ever make me feel an nuisance. And when ‘looker’s fatigue’ set in, Mr. Hansen’s enthusiasm and cheerful disposition gave me my Mojo back – just at the right time to bag a bargain!


Y’know, some people advised me not to take the risk of buying an expensive old car unseen, in a country far away… in fact they were wrong, I took no risk at all since I had Mr. Hansen to look after me.


You see, his inspection was far more thorough that anything I could have done myself in person! He even introduced me to people to help with the legal aspects of the purchase and money transfer!


One final thing – just one of Mr. Hansen’s many observations from his report (missed by everyone else including the honest seller) was sufficient to re-negotiate the price, saving me almost $10,000. In all, this has made what could have been an impossibly risky and stressful experience into something so enjoyable that I’m keen to repeat it when funds permit! And wherever I buy, from the West Coast to the East, or the Lakes to the desert, there is only one gentleman whom I shall be asking to protect my interests. You may by now be able to deduce who that gentleman is…    

R. McCann, MBA, PhD - 1963 Corvette

London, England

John, You did a fantastic job on the inspections of the two cars that I had requested you to look at on my behalf. 1970 Roadrunner convertible looked great in the pictures the dealer had posted of the car. Upon your inspection report, everything is not what it seems. There were many issues with the car that you pointed out and which ultimately decided on me to not purchase the car for the offering price. I submitted a realistic price based on your inspection findings. Needless to say, we did not come to terms on the purchase. Without your thorough knowledge and inspection practices, I would have been none the wiser and out some hard earned dollars. We had much better luck with the 1989 Camaro IROC-Z convertible! You verified that the car was actually as it was represented by the present (2nd) owner and in original factory condition. Based on your inspection, I submitted an offer and came to terms with the owner in a few short minutes. John: Thank you once again for doing such a great job on inspecting these two vehicles for me. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering purchasing a classic car to insure you are indeed getting what you are paying for! :-)

W. Staroba- 1970 Plymouth & 1989 Camaro

New York

 I contracted John Hansen of Michigan Automotive Services, based on a recommendation, to perform a complete and thorough inspection on a 1964 Pontiac GTO in Michigan that I was interested in purchasing. Because I live in Vermont, I wanted a local qualified and professional inspector to thoroughly go over the vehicle on my behalf. John far exceeded my expectations with his inspection! The written report was very detailed, easy to understand and informative. The numerous photos and eight videos of the vehicle were of the same quality as the written report. All three of these inspection components provided me a comprehensive analysis of the vehicle's condition and gave me complete confidence to make an offer on the vehicle, without viewing it myself. John's experience and knowledge in this field is impressive! The entire report was delivered to me in the timeframe that was promised. It was followed up by a long telephone conversation between us that answered any questions or concerns that I had on the vehicle's condition. I highly recommend John and Michigan Automotive Services for anyone who wants total 'piece of mind' prior to a potential purchase.

G. Boothby- 1964 Pontiac GTO


Absolutely the best vintage car inspection I ever had done. Highly recommended.

Roy M.- 1957 Corvette Fuelie


John’s work is top notch. Called him because I live in VA and was looking at a car in MI. He inspected a 1972 Nova I just purchased. He must have spent 4-5 hours just on the inspection and write up on this car. Provided me with videos, pictures, and written document on every square inch of it. Would highly recommend his services. You pay for what you get and John is worth every penny. Thank you John. Great service.

Mark V.- 1972 Chevrolet Nova


Hi John, it has been 2 years since you did an inspection on my Model A. In case you do not remember, you did the inspection in Grand Rapids, MI. Again, I have to thank you so much. I have thoroughly enjoyed this car so much. It is the light of my life. Knock on wood, it has never let me down. I just wanted you to know you are greatly appreciated here in Kerrville, Texas. Thanks again and have a great year.

Susan C.- 1928 Ford Model A


I first heard about John and MAIS while reading a review on a dealership which had a car that peaked my interest. Contacting John by phone, he explained his procedures in inspecting a car and what I would receive once he had completed the inspection. True to his word, John had the car inspected, a 1937 Plymouth P-3, and e-mailed me the results which included a 10 page type written comprehensive report, over 240 pictures and 8 videos. The photos were clear and precise while the videos covered the entire car top, bottom and undercarriage. One video was of the car while in operation with John explaining the performance of the car. After examining this info, john was available to answer any questions which I had concerning of the results. The question is would I recommend MAIS? Without hesitation. John was both knowledgeable and professional in his approach to the inspection of the vehicle. Any questions I had of the inspection results, John was only a phone call away.

John Z.- 1937 Plymouth P3

Chicago, IL

Easy to deal with over the phone and the report/videos were outstanding! I would strongly recommend John and won't hesitate to call him if I ever need a vehicle inspection again!

J. Ross- 1973 Ford F250


John was awesome/super/fantastic. I wish all inspectors took the time and care that John did what with pics and then videos talking to you as he is pointing things out. I learned all sorts of things just from watching all the videos. I learned about dates and codes and how to see where and how much body work was done, among others things. A very informative job, and John is so easy to work with. I actually look a lot for cars in his region now, and have actually thought about flying him somewhere, of course, only if he would. But that is just how good he is. THE BEST!! I shit you not. You want this man to do your inspection bar none. Thanks a lot John. And if you have read this far people, I did not get the car and it was in fact because of things john pointed out to me. The asking price was way high!!

Jason V.- 1970 Forrd Mustang


Asked Mr. Hansen to inspect a 1973 Nova Super Sport for me. My primary concern was rust and I am 700 miles from the seller. John was able to inspect the car within 3 days of our first contact. This is the third car I've had inspected by an independent inspector, and his work is by far the best I've ever seen! His inspection was VERY comprehensive! 9 page written report, 6 videos that he narrated as he inspected various aspects of the car. Plus a map of paint condition, a map of magnetic checks for bondo & 200+ pictures. And he was able to get this report to me within 6 hours of his completing the inspection. Simply outstanding!!! I'd recommend him without reservation, and if I need another car inspected anywhere he's willing to go I wouldn't consider using anybody else.

Henry Davis- 1973 Chevy Nova SS

South Carolina

John- Just wanted to let you know the inspection on the Grand National you did was very complete, and much more thorough than I expected.  If not for your inspection, I would not have bought the car sight unseen 1300 miles away.  I've showed your inspection to multiple car collectors and they can't believe how complete it was.  The car showed up in better condition than I ever imagined.  Thanks for the great work!

Bill C. 1987 Buick Grand National


I recently engaged John to do an inspection of a classic vehicle I was interested in buying. The vehicle was in Michigan and I live on Vancouver Island BC so rather than taking an arduous trip, I looked for someone to inspect it for me. After reading testimonials, I decided I would give John a try. I've restored a number of classics one of which took Bloomington Gold and NCRS Topflight awards and thought that I would have been able to do a pretty good inspection myself. WRONG! I couldn't believe the extent of John's inspection and frankly I would have missed most of what he observed. I decided not to buy the car and asked John to do an inspection of a car I'd found on the internet that was in Illinois. John's report was again thorough and the car was good value and in good driving order but wasn't the car for me. Not to be deterred, I asked him to do a third inspection of a car in Michigan that looked to be an excellent car. I wasn't third time lucky and had him do an inspection of a fourth car which I elected not to buy as well. I spent less money on all of the inspections than I would have on one return airfare. John's inspections were fair, thorough and non-judgmental so I was able to make to make informed decisions on my own. Four cars and no blue ribbon but I was saved from a lot of grief. Would I recommend John? Unequivocally! On top of that, he's a really good guy.

Doug S. (2) 1966 Ford Fairlane GT, 1968 Chevy Chevelle SS, 1965 Pontiac GTO


Buying a car when you don’t live in the USA is never easy, having been burnt on my last car I wasn’t going to get caught this time. John Hansen inspected the car before purchase. The photos and videos were well narrated and gave me an excellent overview of the car. The experience was painless and professional, and I would not hesitate to use him again!

M. Stirling- 1974 Corvette

New Zealand

John recently performed a pre-purchase inspection on a 48 year old muscle car for me. His detailed inspection was complete, concise and professional. The report, pictures and videos were exactly what I was looking for in order to make an informed decision as to buying the car. After I reviewed the information, John spent at least a half an hour on the telephone answering questions I had. It was a pleasure to work with John on my purchase. I highly recommend him for any pre-purchase inspection. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Glenn A.- 1970 Dodge Demon 340


John did such a detailed inspection of the vehicle I was looking at, I felt as if I were there with him. His thorough and meticulous exam of the vehicle made me aware of things that I would not have thought about looking at or asking about. I used another service previously, and hands down, John from Michigan Automotive Inspection Services did a much more comprehensive inspection. I was able to go into the deal with open eyes. THANK YOU!

Geoffrey H. - 1974 Cadillac

New York, NY

John is the real deal! A true "car guy" whose passion for the service he provides is so very evident. The report provided was thorough, logical, legible and all-encompassing. And the numerous videos were well executed and vital to my decision making process. Thanks again John! And to all those reading this, CALL JOHN NOW! :-)

M. Coleman- 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

South Carolina

Buying a car in the US from Europe is not such an easy process. Fortunately, I got in contact with John to whom I requested to inspect a MGA coupe from 1961. I was very happy with our preliminary talk and did appreciate receiving a sample report related to another MGA inspected by John. It was much convincing... My car was inspected by John and I have been again impressed by the quality of that report and by his professionalism. I decided based on this report to buy the car. I can sleep well awaiting the delivery of the car as I do know what I will get. Thanks a lot, John, it was a pleasure to work with you.

L. Philippe - 1961 MGA 1600 Mk1


I don't think there is enough room on this page to tell you how great John's inspections are. He not only takes a lot of pictures, but a complete narrated video as he checks out the car from top to bottom. I saw every nut, bolt, and every part under the car as he slides around on his rolling creeper pointing out things good and not so good. Doing it with a head cam I guess because at times I saw both of his hands. He also found the engine casting number underneath the car which showed it was the wrong year for the car. The owner had led me to believe it was the correct engine. The sound is so good on the video I could hear his wheels on his creeper as he moved around. This was my first time to use John. If you want a complete inspection, so you won't need to go see the car before buying it, John is the guy. I also had him do a compression check where he found two low cylinders. I did not buy the car although it sure looked good in the consignors pictures and write up. I had John inspect another car the next day, He called me after the inspection and told me he found it had been in an accident and was not even in as good shape as the first one.

A. Porter- (2) 1955 Ford Thunderbirds


This was an amazing experience from the beginning to the end. It was easy, fast, efficient and extremely professional. It was very nice to be addressed personally on all the videos as if I was there and I couldn't expect either a better and more detailed report.

Sarah C.- Shelby Cobra replica


I’ve been looking for a long time for the car of my dreams! Unfortunately I hate to say this being a woman I’m not so familiar with a good buy versus a bad one. Because of John’s unbelievable knowledge and expertise I was able to get the car I always wanted. Thorough, willingness to go the extra mile and timely are only a few words to describe John’s abilities! I can’t thank you enough John, Mark and I are grateful to have had the pleasure of dealing with you. If you need an inspection John is your man without a doubt. Thank you, I love my 442!!!

Anna M. - 1968 Oldsmobile 442


I could have driven 10 hours round trip, paid for a motel, meals and gas, then inspected the vehicle and still not found a 1/4 of the things John found. His service was the crucial link in my being able to make an informed decision. If you are looking at buying a vehicle anywhere in the area he travels you should have him inspect it for you. His written report, pictures and video of the vehicle were all comprehensive and detailed. He left no stone unturned and was completely honest and unbiased about the strong and weak points of the vehicle. John made the process completely painless and communicated with me throughout. In my opinion it was money well spent and I wouldn't hesitate to call on his expertise again. Thanks John.

S. Graff- 1949 Dodge B Series

Cincinnati, OH

I highly recommend the inspection services of John Hansen and MAIS for anyone considering buying a collector car or truck. John's inspection was very comprehensive and included numerous photos and videos. John is extremely knowledgeable and there is no question that his services will pay for themselves even if you are buying from a reputable dealer.

D. Zurawski- 1958 Chevrolet Apache


I was seriously interested in purchasing a 1960's era automobile.  I had looked at this car and test driven it.  While discussing this purchase with my wife, I realized that there were some issues that I had forgotten to look at.  I live 300 miles away from this car and looking at it again didn't seem like the best option available to me.  I contacted John Hansen in his capacity as an automobile inspector for his company: Michigan Automotive Inspection Services.  I received John's inspection report and was amazed by the amount of detail it contained.  Not only was there a written report describing the condition of this vehicle, there were seven short videos including a cold engine start and the operation of the convertible top as well as "tours" of several aspects of this car.  In addition to the written report and these videos, there were over 200 detailed photographs of the top of, the bottom of and everything in between of this car.  I've reviewed this information several times as I considered the purchase of this car.  I called and spoke to John several times about various aspects of his inspection of this vehicle.  I found him to be neutral and knowledgeable about this car.  I'm glad that I chose the option of having John Hansen inspect this vehicle.  Because of his very detailed examination and documentation enhancing my ability to review and reconsider many aspects of this car, I decided to purchase the vehicle.  I did so with confidence which is in no small part due to Michigan Automotive Inspection Services.  I would certainly use them and recommend them to friends and family if they are considering the purchase of a classic or antique car.

Jim K.- 1963 Ford Thunderbird


John, it would be impossible to ask for a more complete and comprehensive analysis of the car. From our phone conversations to your multiple detailed photos and videos you have given me far better understanding of the car than had I been there myself. Your knowledgeable analysis of the engine and mechanical components topped with your very thorough and audio/video test drive made my decision on the car a very easy one.  When I need another inspection I won’t consider calling anyone but you.

Thank you very much John for your phenomenal inspection.

R. Hunt- 1936 Ford DeLuxe Fordor


John, Thank you. You exceeded our expectations. The inspection was extremely thorough, the pictures were of high quality, and the videos were very well done. I especially appreciate your prompt replies to emails and phone calls; even late into the evening. Because of your very detailed inspection, we are comfortable now in moving forward with the purchase of the 1968 Camaro RS SS. The contact at the showroom said, "The guy you hired is one of the best inspectors I have ever worked with." I highly recommend your services without any reservations. Keep up the great work!

L. Harrell- 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Austin, TX

John inspected a 1990 ZR1 for sale through a dealer for me. The car had low mileage, everything seemed right with it, and honestly I debated whether to even pay for an inspection. This was the best money I could have ever spent. John's meticulous examination turned up a number of issues and saved me a lot of money. The details in his analysis, pictures, and videos leaves no unanswered questions. I was simply amazed by the thoroughness across all aspects of the inspection. No stoned left un-turned here. What a marvelous way to check out a car. The car was inspected within two days of first contacting John and the service was friendly, very responsive and professional. Highly recommended!!!       

L. Compeau - 1990 Corvette ZR1

New York, NY

Since I live 1500 miles away I asked John Hansen of Michigan Automotive Inspection Service to inspect a car in the greater Detroit area. He performed the work on a Monday and I had the completed report, almost an hour of video and 348 still pictures of the car including areas I didn’t think one could reach. I am familiar with auto inspections since this was the third one I’ve ordered but the first with MAIS. This inspection was head and shoulders above the others. I thank John for his fine work helping me with my decision.

T. Marazzi- 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle


John Hansen was my inspector at Michigan Automotive Inspection Services and he exceeded all of my wildest expectations. Being from Boston, I certainly had some anxiety over this significant investment over 1000 miles away (a completely restored $80K 1972 Chevrolet K5 Blazer). Part therapist and a very comprehensive overview was what I needed and John certainly delivered. I especially appreciated the candid feedback on all of the concerning elements of the vehicle. I would strongly recommend John and his services for any serious purchase that you are considering. It will pay dividends in spades.

Michael M.- 1972 Chevrolet Blazer

Boston, MA

John Hansen was the inspector for my vehicle. The inspection was done on time as agreed to and with the utmost honesty and integrity. All of the written and video material was presented with exceptional detail. I would highly recommend Michigan Automotive Inspection Services for all your work!

S. Kasemeyer- 1967 MG


Excellent service! Very detailed and efficient. Saved me thousands of dollars. 100% satisfaction. Would recommend without reservation!

J. Mayor- 1969 Lincoln Continental

San Antoino, Texas

John inspected a car for me and was able to schedule, inspect, and issue a report in 3 business days! The report was thorough, had several videos and 300 pics. I have worked with national inspection companies in the past and John’s work is superior. If your looking to buy a car, I highly recommend working with John and securing an inspection.

Jason A. - 1969 Pontiac Firebird


John's detail and thoroughness is incredible. Value far exceeded the cost. Very impressed with the reports, photos and videos. Thank you!

Zach A.- 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle


I highly recommend vehicle inspections from John Hansen.  I am very glad to have contracted John to inspect the car I was "hot" to buy.  His inspection was the pivotal step in the process, especially since the car was several thousand miles away from my home.  That said, knowing what I know now about John’s inspection services, I would contract him even if the vehicle was 5 minutes away from my home!  He does a THOROUGH and detailed report on all aspects of the vehicle and checks all the things and does the tests we would likely forget to do or feel too intimidated to perform in front of a seller.  He takes the guesswork out and responds quickly to any questions that you have after the inspection.  He saved me from doing the dangerous and costly impulse buy I was about to make.  His unbiased inspection is a "reality check” and is vitally important for those of us who succumb to emotional purchasing.  No regrets and now no buyers remorse..I think this last statement would be 100% true even if he found out that the vehicle I was "hot" to buy was in superb condition. After his inspection, you can rest assured that you made the right decision.

Theresa Q.- 1971 Volvo P1800


John is a true professional with the expertise to provide his clients with every detail necessary to make an informed decision about your car purchase.  His thorough inspection included 288 pictures as well as six videos where he provided commentary during the inspection and road test.  This is on top of the 40 minute phone call where we went into detail about the inspection report that he produced.  My vehicle was delivered in the exact condition that he described and I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a classic car.

K. Artigliere - 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser

New York, NY

I wanted to purchase a remotely advertised vehicle but was afraid to do so without knowing the vehicle was fundamentally sound. MAIS did a thorough inspection on schedule for a fair price. The report included clear photos, videos, and a written report which gave me the confidence to make an offer on the vehicle from across the country. Follow up questions were also professionally answered. Thanks MAIS!     

J. Turner- 2008 Ford E250


I first hired John a few weeks back to check out a 73' Mustang Convertible which was in Michigan and I am in New Hampshire. He was referred to me by the classic car dealer where the vehicle was. I have to tell you I was blown away by his professionalism, competency, neutral attitude and opinions. He is incredibly thorough and his attention to detail is excellent. I am a Real Estate broker and I found him to be more thorough than most home inspectors!! So much so that I have since hired him again to inspect a '79 Town Car which was in Ohio and he was willing to travel from Michigan to there to inspect that one for me which I bought also. Being so far away it is hard to trust someone to be your eyes and ears but let me say you will not be disappointed with John. He is also very easy to talk to should you have questions. I highly recommend him and his company!!! 5 Star service :)      

G. Costantino - 1973 Ford Mustang & '79 Lincoln

New Hampshire

I engaged John Hansen of Michigan Automotive Inspection Services to examine and report on a 50-year old car. I've been looking for a specific model for over 2 years, and I flew to Michigan to see this car and to be present at the inspection. We both drove the car thoroughly. Mr. Hansen is as much sleuth as Inspector, and he crawled over every inch of the car, above and below, inside and out. He discovered many things right and a number of things wrong. His report is clear and descriptively detailed, with photographic evidence in profusion. I want a car that will be driven. I now know if I buy this one exactly what needs to be done right away, what needs to be done maybe next year, and what is solid for years to come. John Hansen's report has given me a strong, evidential opinion of what this car is worth. This is critical to my negotiations. Given that purchase cost and future upkeep outlays will be a lot of money, the value of the knowledge I've gained from Mr. Hansen's report cannot be overstated. The fee charged me to fully decipher this car is far and away the best investment in it I have made.     

Jim G.- 1968 Cadillac

Boston, MA

I would highly recommend John and his company if one is considering purchase of a vehicle, especially if one is out of state. His reports are very comprehensive, and his video work is outstanding. I felt like I was in the car with him as he was driving and explaining issues. His $350 fee is well worth it, especially if one is purchasing an older car. John is also easily reached by phone and it is clear he really enjoys what he does.

R. Smith- 1992 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce


John did a great job--an excellent value. He provided hundreds of well-lit photographs, a highly detailed report and an hour's worth of descriptive video. I only wish I could clone John for inspections farther away. Next time in need appraisal, John and MAIS are at the top of my list.

B. Wilson- 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero


Great experience. As a novice car buyer, John was very helpful and responsive to all my questions and patient in explaining the results of his report. Very thorough and detailed. Worth every penny.

Dave D. - 1957 MGA

Pittsburgh, PA

We live 2000 miles away from Michigan but found a car we really wanted to buy for my dad, the same model as his first car, a 1928 Chevy. John did an extremely detailed report that gave us good confidence in moving forward. His report also gave us an excellent idea of what needs to be done to the car when it arrives. Well worth the money!

R. Stone- 1928 Chevrolet AB National


Touched base with John via email. Being in Australia he was my eyes & ears on looking at a 1968 Pontiac GTO. Well I couldn't be more pleased with John's expertise on classic cars; he brought to my attention all the good & bad with the car, whether it was the photos, videos or all the documentation. If ever needed again John would be my first port of call. Cheers! 

R. Bronsgeest-1969 Pontiac GTO


John is the owner as well as the actual inspector. I emailed John and he immediately responded and scheduled my inspection. The report is nothing short of spectacular. The modest price for the 12 page detailed report and more photos and video (with ongoing comments) were crisp, plentiful and to the point. John’s expertise and attention to detail is phenomenal. The things John thinks of and focuses on are more than you can imagine. He has a tool that measures the thickness of the paint. A magnet to make sure there was no filler or bondo used and a myriad of other details you will be amazed at. John is a hard worker who put in long hours even on the weekend. I have never paid so little for so much. I live in New Jersey near Philadelphia and searched google to find someone in Michigan. I was fortunate to find John. Seriously folks - do not hesitate to hire him - the best service you will ever experience.        

J. McHugh- 1985 Ford F-250

New Jersey

Hello John, this is Shaun from Springfield, Missouri. I'm loving this Jimmy and I have not had any surprises. I just wanted to holler at you after the fact and tell you that you do an excellent job and I feel like I got back all I paid you and more because I hired you. I appreciate you. 

Shawn S.- 1987 GMC Jimmy

Springfield, MO

This is the most thorough, well documented and professionally executed inspection I’ve seen related to anything.  I wish my home inspection was half as detailed as your review of this truck.  I can’t thank you enough for doing such a fantastic job and doing it so quickly. By far, this is the best $370 I’ve ever spent.​

B Magnano- 1972 Ford Bronco

Being from Massachusetts, I really didn't know what to expect. The inspection that John performed was unbelievable. He went over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb. After reviewing the pictures and videos that he took, I had no doubts of his professionalism and it made my decision to purchase the vehicle he inspected so much easier. It was money well spent for his professionalism. Thank you!

M. Hobby- 1965 Ford Mustang

Boston, MA

John was fantastic. I had no previous experience with him, but saw his ad on Hemmings. I was a bit reluctant to go with one of the big firms since then you don't know which inspector you are getting. With John you know who will be looking at your car and you are in great hands. He performed a very thorough inspection of the vehicle, sent a detailed written report, and included numerous photos as well as a bunch of video. Then he called me the following day to go over everything. Even the seller was very impressed. Engaging John was money well spent and I highly recommend him.

B. Maloney- 1965 FIAT 1500 Cabriolet

Wilmette, IL

I had John inspect a 1966 IHC Scout 800A and he did a fantastic job. I was buying the truck out of state and needed a thorough inspection of the physical and mechanical condition. John spend a few hours on the inspection and took hundreds of detail photos and multiple videos. His knowledge of classic cars is exceptional. I would not hesitate to refer John to a friend and I will use him again in the future!

John B.- 1966 IH Scout 800A

Chicago, IL

​Absolutely delighted with the service provided by John from start to finish. Email communications were answered very quickly and always very informative and explained everything. The actual report provided to me answered almost every question or laid to rest doubts I had on the vehicle and the phone call after again was informative and honest. Based on the report and conversation with John I have decided to go ahead and purchase. Have used several other inspection services but in my experience John was the best for the knowledge, presentation and professionalism throughout, highly recommended. Thanks again.

C. Chambers- 1950 Plymouth Deluxe

Dubai, UAE

John, I can't thank you enough for the inspection you did on the 65 Pony. I had no idea the vehicle was originally a six cylinder. I was very impressed with your work and your comments about the vehicle. The chassis of this vehicle really opened my eyes and made up my mind. You did a great job and cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH, hopefully one day I can return the favor and highly recommend you.

L. Lustek- 1965 Ford Mustang


Wow. What an amazing service! John knows cars and even did research pre inspection to find problem areas with the specific model. The photos and videos provided are high resolution and he presents the vehicle as it stands with no bias. John obviously loves doing this work and it shows in the service he provides. I would recommend him to anyone thinking of purchasing a classic.

J. Horwood-1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Hamilton, New Zealand

​John inspections go beyond excellent. He describes everything as he films it. It is like being there while he is checking every little detail. He will give you a sample of his work and you will find your inspection quite the same. Don't believe an inspection could be any better without tearing the car apart. I'd recommend John to my best friend. Best part, he is glad to talk with you after the inspection.

B. Kirtley- 1963 Ford Thunderbird

Wellsburg, WV

If you are looking for a professional and honest inspection service, then look no further! Living in NY State and considering a vintage auto in Michigan, John Hansen was recommended to us. His inspection was detailed and the videos provided were amazing. John also took the time to talk with us by phone. As busy as he is, we felt like a priority. The inspection saved us a tremendous amount of money and we are very grateful for his outstanding and reputable work.

Kathy Luce- 1950 Hudson Commodore

New York

We bought our first classic car from a distant relative. Now we are looking for another car and have never shopped for one. We met John Hansen while he was inspecting a car and called him when we found a car that we wanted to buy. We had found several small obvious issues ourselves but were not discouraged from the purchase. Then John inspected it and there was a crack in the frame and a problem with the brake was held together with a coat hanger. Then a new fuel pump and 4 shocks were added to the need to fix list and we did not purchase the car. Very glad that we hired John. We will call him again when we find another prospect.

G. VanderLann- 1951 Chevrolet Styleline

Grand Rapids, MI

As I young boy, I religiously watched my father buy a new Buick every four years; and I am now at a point in life that I'd like to relive those days with a classic Buick of my own.  I hired John for a pre-purchase classic car inspection of a 1954 Buick Super located in Grand Rapids, MI.  The comprehensive and detailed evaluation provided all the critical information (and then some) to make an out-of-state decision on this vehicle.  The ability to cross-correlate check list items & narrative from a 12-page report with hundreds of photographs as well as numerous video clips left me truly satisfied with John's work.  I highly recommend John to anyone exploring the classic car market and in need of an independent inspector!

P. Martin-1954 Buick Super

Boulder, CO

 I was VERY impressed with thoroughness of the inspection. John checked every inch of this car describing what he saw as he went along. My husband was skeptical at first but once he saw the videos he told me I got my monies worth. I do not believe I would have seen as much of the car if I had looked it over myself. A TRUE PROFESSIONAL! My sincerest gratitude!

K. Leon-1962 Buick Special

San Diego, CA

I needed to have a very detailed and thorough inspection of a 1964 Thunderbird, because I live out of state. John Hansen met and exceeded my expectations. It was because of the quality of his work that would determine a purchase or decline of the auto. I needed an inspection to be as accurate as possible so to the condition of the auto. Thank you John for the work that you performed. I can also use the assessment for the needed repairs and upgrades. Thank you again John.

E. Trail- 1964 Ford Thunderbird

San Diego, CA

I can't say enough about how professional John's inspection service is. I found a nice car on the internet for sale in Michigan. I live in Connecticut quite a distance away. I needed to move quickly to get the car since others were interested. I hired Michigan Automotive Inspection Services to do an inspection and evaluation of the car. John promptly made contact with me, met with the dealer and quickly put together a fantastic report. It included a check of every feature, seven videos and over 200 photos. The work was done quickly which allowed me to make an evaluation of the car and purchase it within 5 days. John is a super guy and easy to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a thorough and reasonably priced inspection service.

J. Proulx- 1999 Mercedes Benz SL500

Middlebury, CT

John provided a very thorough and detailed report on the classic GTO I considered buying. The photos and videos were most helpful but John's willingness to discuss the car before and after was invaluable. John is a true professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering a classic car purchase. Money well spent.

S. Hill- 1966 Pontiac GTO

Wake Forrest, NC

John was a giant help and saved me from getting screwed. From the beginning John was easy and nice to work with - I actually took a flight to see the truck I was hoping to buy so I got to meet John in person.

By the time I got to the seller John was already through the entire truck in great detail. John also clearly did his research on the truck and was really prepared.

If I am ever looking for another car in MI area, John will be the first one I call.

Mike M.- 1965 IH Scout

West Grove, PA

​I just received my report on the E-Type. Thank you for the inspection. Unfortunately, the car does not quite meet my expectations, and you saved me a bunch of hassle buying and shipping a car back home that I would have been unhappy with. If I find another car in your area- I'll be in touch. Thanks again!

Dave L.- 1969 Jaguar E-Type

New York, NY

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