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Sales Ad Saturday- “Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman- Masters of the Art of Automobile Advertising”

Another beautiful ad featuring the collaborative talents of Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman along with a special announcement for this week's 'Sales Ad Saturday’. Many seasoned automotive enthusiasts have come to instantly recognize Fitzpatrick and Kaufman’s beautiful and idealistic illustrations anytime they see them, and several of my favorite ads in my own collection are marked with that familiar AF VK identifier in a corner of the ad. For almost 25 years, the two artists worked together to create stunning ads for not only Pontiac but Buick, Mercury, and Opel as well. Finally, a book has been written that provides a compelling archive of their work. Author Rob Keil, who was fortunate enough to develop a friendship with Fitzpatrick, cataloged a video biography with the man before his passing in 2015. Mr. Keil also developed a friendship with the late Van Kaufman’s son, who provided Rob with treasured artifacts of his father’s career with Fitzpatrick. With this background and in collaboration with the estates of both artists and many of their colleagues, Rob has written a book about their work, a tribute which most will agree is years overdue. The book is titled “Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman, Masters of the Art of Automobile Advertising”. I am pleased to feature Rob’s work with his permission and looking forward to receiving my own copy soon. The book is available on pre-order right now, learn more at


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