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Sales Ad Saturday- Dinner at Romanoffs

The Mr. and Mrs. are headed to Valentines Day dinner this weekend in their Cadillac for this week's 'Sales Ad Saturday'. They have not headed just anywhere for dinner, they're going to Romanoffs on Rodeo Drive. A five-star restaurant that catered to all the biggest names in Hollywood throughout the '40's and '50's, Romanoff's was owned by a notorious tinsel-town con man of sorts, a Lithuanian immigrant named Hershel Geguzin. Hershel came to Hollywood in the late '20's, and adopted the name Prince Michael Dimitri Alexandrovich Obolensky-Romanoff, with a backstory that he was the nephew of Tsar Nicholas II, the emperor of Russia. Most people in Hollywood were aware of the con, but Romanoff was so polished in his presentation of the character that his famous patrons played along, probably happy to not be eating at a restaurant named Geguzin's! I imagine he was thrilled to have GM feature his restaurant in an ad.


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