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Our primary service area includes Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. We also travel all over the United States for clients who need the best pre-purchase inspections available. We save our clients time, hassle and money by providing comprehensive and mobile inspections that keep dream cars from turning into nightmares!


You are finally fulfilling a goal and purchasing your dream car... Congratulations! Before you make your final selection, give us a call! Whether you are purchasing an antique, street rod, classic, muscle car or exotic, we can make sure you purchase a vehicle that TRULY meets your expectations. Not all restorations are quality restorations, and sometimes vehicles advertised as "original" are not. Often, our customers live states or continents away from the car of their dreams. That's where we step in, as your eyes and ears, putting your potential purchase through a rigorous 4-5 hour inspection to help you buy with confidence and make the most informed decision possible.


Additional services offered include: engine compression testing (most vehicles), mechanical oil pressure testing, engine oil analysis, numbers matching, data tag and casting code decoding and a full array of other vehicle authentication services. 

Consultancy services are available, a service separate from our traditional inspection services. Tailored to your specific needs, our hourly rate is $75/hour, billable in 1/2 hour increments with a 1 hour minimum. Contact us for details.  

For more information on our classic car and truck inspection service, click HERE



This inspection is intended for long-distance purchasers buying a car "sight unseen". If you are planning to purchase a late model pre-owned automobile, give us a call! We will provide a comprehensive, professional inspection that will save you money! Our inspections often reveal imperfections or worn components that can help you negotiate the repair of the vehicle or a lower purchase price. Focusing on both mechanical and cosmetic issues, as well as an extensive search for any repaired collision or flood damage. Our extensive video inspections make it seem as if you are right there inspecting the car with us. OBD II testing is included with these inspections.


Michigan Express Automotive Inspections is a late-model mechanical pre-purchase inspection service. This service is best suited for clients local to the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Michigan areas who have already viewed the vehicle they are considering and are seeking an inspection to confirm mechanical fitness. This service is a great time and hassle-saving alternative to arranging for a shop to inspect the vehicle! Our mobile pre-purchase inspection service provides buyers with additional peace of mind when purchasing a used car. These inspections focus on the mechanical aspects of the vehicle, as well as any evidence of repaired collision or flood damage, with less detail on minor cosmetic issues and mild wear and tear commonly found with late-model used cars.


Express Inspections are only available on vehicles manufactured after 1995.

For more information on our EXPRESS INSPECTION service, click HERE

Compare How We Differ From Most Inspection Services. Sample Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports are Available- Contact US!
Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Services for Classic Cars and Trucks Include:
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  • 24/7 Support- Speak directly with the Owner and Vehicle Inspector; no dispatch or call center to go through. We are always available to answer questions and address any issue to ensure the inspection process goes smoothly. Our inspection services are never sub-contracted out to third-party inspectors.   

  • 12+ Page Condition Report- A professional, 250 point inspection process outlining all points inspected; with essay narratives describing any areas of concern identified during the inspection process. Additional services, such as numbers matching, trim plate decoding, and date coding of vehicle components is available for many types of vehicles for an additional fee. We are also able to provide engine compression and mechanical oil pressure tests as well as a professional independent lab analysis of engine oil when necessary. While not always necessary, there are situations where these tests can provide additional peace of mind on a potential purchase. Additional charges apply, please contact us for details.

  • A Minimum of 200 Photos- Clear, detailed photos of the entire vehicle, many with descriptive captions highlighting areas of concern. We believe vehicle photos are only valuable if you understand what you are looking at. Most vehicles we inspect usually include 250-300 photographs. 

  • Video Tours- We will provide video tours of the engine bay- you will get to see the initial start-up of the vehicle, and hear it run. We also provide a video tour of the body; noting any scratches or dents, and using our magnets to check for areas of filler. You'll also be able to observe paint thickness on every panel, as we test all metal-bodied vehicles with an electronic coating thickness tester. Lastly, we will take you inside the car, for a tour of the condition of the interior. You'll watch us check all interior accessories and power features for functionality.  

  • Comprehensive Underbody Examination- With Video! - If the seller chooses to accommodate, the vehicle will be lifted and the underbody thoroughly inspected, with clear, detailed photos and a video tour outlining areas of concern related to the floor pans, frame, frame mounts, steering and suspension components, bushings, u-joints, exhaust system and fluid leaks. We bring along jacks, jack-stands and wheel ramps for every inspection, so even if no lift is available, we can usually still get under a car and unload the suspension for proper inspection. 

  • Comprehensive Test Drive- With Video! - If the seller chooses to accommodate, we will get the vehicle out on the road. You will be able to see and hear how the vehicle drives, and hear from the inspector about anything observed, such as vibrations or pulsations, unusual noises, and observations about the steering, clutch and brake operation. We also show you, on video, the operation of all lights and accessories, (with an infrared temperature reading of the A/C and heat) so you can see for yourself what works and what does not. 

  • Vehicle Paperwork Review- If the seller chooses to accommodate, we will verify the title matches the VIN or Serial Number. We will also inventory and list any included service manuals, repair and maintenance receipts, and any other documentation included with the vehicle. 

  • Industry Leading Turn-Around Time- Your report, photos, and videos will be available for you within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection.

  • Authentication Services (Extra Charges may Apply)- Do you need a validation of a "numbers matching" claim? Do you need to determine the originality of primary and secondary vehicle components? VIN tag or data plate decoding? We offer a full variety of authentication services for many different types of classics to help you determine the originality and "correctness" of the vehicle you are considering. 

To learn more, check out our FAQ's page.  

Click HERE to contact us- we will be happy to answer any questions and schedule your inspection.

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